Sump Pumps

Sump pump installation, servicing & maintenance

Sump Pump Installation

What is a sump pump?

These are used to protect your property from flooding, whether a commercial or domestic building.

There are three types of sump pump:

  • A lead float, which is a ball type float on a cable which rises with the water and lets the pump know when to activate
  • A tube float is similar, but a floating ball inside a tube tells the pump when the water is high, letting it know when to begin pumping
  • A manual pump which is operated manually; you switch it on as and when needed

The type required will depend upon how big the sump is.

If you have a tight space a tube float is offered as there is no space for a lead float to be free.

If you have a larger sump a lead float may be the better option as the float has space to rise and fall with the water level.

These pumps are often found at the lowest level of a property, garages and lift shafts – generally any area that is prone to flooding.

Sump Pump Maintenance

What is the most common reason for sump pump failure?

Once your pump has been installed, it is important to ensure it works well with regular maintenance. The pump is often not needed for months at a time during dry weather – but when things change, we need to be able to rely on it working well, right away. There are many reasons it may fail; the float could be stuck or other parts may not be working correctly.

We advise all of our clients across the south east of England to schedule regular maintenance visits to ensure that their pump is well maintained and ready to work when needed.

Can a sump pump get blocked?

There are many ways it can become blocked; where the pump sits can become blocked with dirt and debris or the float switch could become blocked or jammed.

My sump pump is not running

There could be several reasons your pump is not running. There could be a blockage, a power failure or an issue with the float switch. Luckily Active Pump Services are on hand for all types of repairs.

We can check and service your pump to ensure it will continue to work efficiently in the long term. Whether we installed your pump ourselves or it is a pre-existing setup, we will be happy to help.

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