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Established for over 20 years, Active Pump Services are your go-to experts in borehole pump installation. We have installed numerous borehole pumps for our customers and will provide and fit the best borehole pump to suit your needs.

For borehole pump installation, get in touch with Active Pump Services.



Borehole pump servicing, repairs & maintenance

Whether your pump requires small adjustments or replacement parts, we are well equipped and able to help.

Between our team members we have over 70 years’ combined experience with borehole pump repairs and maintenance.

Whether you have a submersible or multi-stage pump we will be able to help.

Your Borehole Pump Questions Answered

What is a borehole pump?

A borehole pump is used to pull water or other liquid from a borehole – a narrow shaft drilled straight down into the ground. The pump fits into the hole very snugly with little room on either side.

A borehole pump has two main parts: the foot which houses the pumping mechanism, and the head, which serves as the weight-bearing part of the pump and outlet for the fluid that is pumped. Most also have a suction screen of some type that blocks sand or soil or other pollutants from being drawn into the pump. Because a borehole is round and narrow not every type of pump is suitable for them.

How long does a borehole pump last?

A well sized borehole pump can last between 4 and 20 years, depending on the type of pump. Proper installation by a professional company will help to increase the life span of your pump; a pump that is not installed properly will be prone to breakdown and have a shorter life span.

If there is a high amount of sediment in your water this can add to general wear and tear on your pump and decrease its lifespan.

What can go wrong with a borehole pump?

Despite their relative simplicity, borehole pumps can still encounter problems.

Sometimes a problem is not to do with the pump, but with the well. Dry weather conditions can affect the water table which can mean the pump cannot do its job.

A borehole pump may stop working because of a build-up of limescale and/or debris.

Sometimes a broken valve or worn filter can also cause issues.

Do I need to replace my borehole pump?

If your pump is not working there is a chance it could be repaired with replacement parts. It’s hard to tell whether you will need a replacement borehole pump so it is best to call in the experts to investigate first.

Borehole pumps can be over 200 metres below ground, so lifting your pump to take a look can take a couple of days. Luckily we are experienced in this and can take care of any inspection, repairs and replacement for you.


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