Water Booster Pumps

Water Booster Pumps

Here at Active Pump Services, we specialise in water booster pump installation whether that’s a brand new system or an upgrade of an exciting system, We partner with leading pump manufactures to provide durable and efficient pumps along with the best quality materials to ensure the long lasting performance of your boosters. We offer a personalised booster pump installation tailored to your booster pump needs, ensuring that your booster pump system meets your requirements and provides you with optimal performance.

Active pump services provide an in house pump repair service that is designed to identify issues that may occur within your booster pumps, this service can act as a solution for many different components that may need replacing within the pump itself and can potently prevent the need for purchasing a new pump. 

Within our dedicated repair facility our skilled in house engineers will be able to access the problem and if the pump can be fixed they have the expertise and resources to ensure the reliability and efficiency of your repaired pump. 


What is a booster pump?

A booster pump has impellers inside, which is called a rotating assembly. This rotating assembly may have several impellers to increase water flow and pressure. These pumps often incorporate pressure sensors and controllers to maintain consistent pressure levels, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of the water supply system. Water booster pumps can be controlled via many different systems for example variable speed units. 

These units tell the pump what pressure bar rating is needed and will adjust accordingly if usage is more or less.

There are a many different types of water booster pumps, the correct pump that is needed depends on a number of factors, these factors include things like and the number of stories a building has or how many bathrooms are in each property. 

examples like this determine what type of booster pump is needed to do the job.

Why Might I Need a Water Booster Pump?
Some reasons for needing a water booster pump include moving water up a hill or pumping water through a building, such as a block of flats or a high-rise office block.
It is not possible to connect a pump to the water main simultaneously to boost water. You will need a break tank to collect water from the mains or other water sources such as a borehole. A booster pump is then used to boost the water from the tank. This is an important consideration as it is not possible to successfully boost water directly from the mains. The boosted pressure ensures adequate flow rates for showers, faucets, irrigation systems, and other water-dependent appliances and fixtures.
If you are uncertain whether you require a booster pump installation for your property, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can inspect the site and advise on the best solution for you.
Water Booster Pump Maintenance
We always recommend that all pumps receive regularly scheduled maintenance checks to ensure they work well. Even if we have not installed your booster pump, we will happily arrange to visit your property to conduct maintenance checks on your system. As part of our service, we will check all components of your pump & controls to ensure we accurately locate and diagnose the problem before suggesting and implementing a solution.
We are your local experts for booster pump repair and our technicians are always happy to help. Get in touch with our team today.