Water Booster Pump

Water Booster Pump Installation, Repairs & Maintenance

Water booster pump: installation; repairs; maintenance

Water Booster Pump Installation

What does a booster pump do?

A booster pump boosts water pressure. It is used in places where there’s not enough pressure, or the water pressure is inconsistent.

If you need a booster pump installation for your property, whether domestic or commercial – or perhaps you’re not sure whether you need one or not, and want to talk over your options with an expert, give us a call.

Do I need a water booster pump?

Booster pumps may be used in these situations:

  • Moving water up a hill
  • Pumping water through a building, eg a block of flats or high rise office block

In order to boost water, it is not possible to simiply connect a pump to the water main; first you will need a break tank, to collect water from the mains. A booster pump is then used to boost the water from the tank. This is an important consideration as it is not possible to successfully boost water directly from the mains.

How much does it cost to install a water booster pump?

The cost will depend on the type of pump you need. This is something best discussed with our experts who can advise you on the best course of action and provide a quote for all parts and installation.

For booster pump installation, get in touch with Active Pump Services.

Water Booster Pump Repair & Maintenance

Does my pump need to be serviced?

We always recommend that all pumps should receive regular scheduled maintenance checks to ensure they are working well.

Whether we have installed your booster pump or not, we will happily arrange to visit your property to carry out maintenance checks on your booster pump.

As part of our service we will check all components of your pump & controls to ensure we accurately locate and diagnose the problem before suggesting and implementing a solution.

For booster pump repair we are your local experts and our technicians are always happy to help.

How does a booster pump work?

A booster pump has impellers inside called a rotating assembly. There may be several impellers in this rotating assembly to increase water flow and pressure.

The number of stories a building has and how many bathrooms are in each property will determine which booster pump is needed to do the job.

Some water booster pumps are controlled by pressure switches and some by variable speed units. These units are what tells the pump what pressure bar rating is needed, and will adjust accordingly if usage is more or less.


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