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Established for over twenty years, and with over fifty years’ combined experience, we are qualified, experienced and well equipped to help with all of your pump repair and installation requirements.

Sewage Pump Repairs

How do I know if my sewage ejector pump is broken?

A bad smell is a tell-tale sign that your sewage pump is not working as it should. Sometimes you may also find that the pump is running continuously which can be caused by a dislodged float switch. Another sign your sewage pump is not working as it should is that water is not being pumped out of the pit.

If you have a sewage pump on your property, you will want to ensure it is always working well. We often find that when a sewage pump needs repair work it’s because of a build-up of grease or fat, a float switch which has been moved or dislodged causing the pump to run continuously and then fail, or failure of the control system. Whatever the issue, we will be able to help.

Collection tanks are often situated underground or outside, and it requires a specialist engineer when things go wrong. Our experts can investigate your sewage pump and repair it, servicing and replacing parts where required.


Commercial Water Pump Repairs

How do I know if my water pump is broken?

All pumps should receive regular maintenance to ensure they are working well. A sign that your pump is not working properly could be reduced water pressure, depending on the type of pump you have. You may also find that there no water moving at all – or you may find that the pump is running constantly due to a malfunction.

When a commercial water pump fails, the aim is always to get it up and running again as soon as possible. Here at Active Pump Services we have years of experience in repairing all types of commercial water pump, whatever it is being used for.

Booster Pump Repairs

Is my booster pump broken?

Booster pumps are used to boost water pressure, and a clear sign your booster pump is not working properly will be low water pressure.

As part of our service we will check the route of water through your pump and system to ensure we accurately locate and diagnose the problem before suggesting and implementing a solution.


Borehole Pump Repairs

What can go wrong with a borehole pump?

Despite their relative simplicity, borehole pumps can still encounter problems. There may be an issue with pressure or the problem may be with the borehole rather than the pump.

Your borehole pump may have a buildup of limescale and debris, there may be broken valves or filter wear. Whether your pump requires small adjustments or replacement parts, we are well equipped and able to help.

Whether you have a submersible or multi-stage pump we will be able to help.


Circulator Pump Repairs

Is my circulator pump broken?

A faulty or broken circulator pump may make a lot of noise or just stop working altogether.

A domestic circulator pump is usually small and sealed, working at very low horsepower – but in a commercial setting a circulator pump can operate at high horsepower, and be much more complicated to deal with.

Whichever type of circulator pump you are working with, however large or small, we are experts in pump repair and sure to be able to help.


Sump Pump Repairs

Signs a sump pump is not working

The most obvious sign your sump pump is not working is that it is not pumping water out of the relevant space. Sometimes you may find that the pump appears to be working but there’s no water in the sump pit, or it could have become clogged.

The problem with a sump pump is that we don’t usually need to use it every day – but when we do need to use it, we need it to be working properly!

This is why if you have a sump pump, it’s best to test is regularly and have regular maintenance checks to ensure it is working well.

If your sump pump does require repair work, we will be only too happy to help. With years of experience we have dealt with all types of sump pump repairs and can replace parts or the whole pump if required.



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