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What is a sewage treatment plant?

A place where wastewater is treated to remove contaminants. The plant produces a clean effluent that is non-polluting and can be discharged back into the watercourse via a stream, ditch or other means.

What’s the difference between a sewage treatment plant and a septic tank?

A septic tank is merely a holding tank for effluent and must be emptied regularly; a sewage treatment plant on the other hand can treat wastewater, removing pollutants and producing clean water that is safe to be released back into the watercourse.

How does a sewage treatment plant work?

It has mechanical components and processes which break down solid matter. These work to produce a cleaner, non-polluting effluent that can be released into the local watercourse.

A sewage treatment plant operates by aeration to encourage the growth of bacteria. These bacteria then break down solids, effectively treating it so that it is then more environmentally friendly and can be discharged onto the land.

A sewage treatment plant must be installed at least 10 metres from a property.

Maintaining treatment plants is varied as there are many different types; some have a rotating drum inside, whereas others are belt driven or chain driven with a motor attached. There are air blowers which agitate the contents, activating the bacteria to do its job. Some plants have auto greasers which need to be replaced. Other plants have a pump to pump the treated liquids away to a water course; this is usually because it’s uphill and others are often a gravity outlet.

What if my sewage treatment plant smells?

A sewage treatment plant should not smell, so if it does this is a tell-tale sign that there could be a problem. Sludge build-up in a system should be removed every year to prevent it becoming biologically overloaded. It is also important to have the system checked and serviced regularly to ensure it is working well.

Can you service my sewage treatment plant?

We are experts in all types of pumps, including those involved in a sewage treatment plant. We can help with servicing, repairs and basic maintenance of your sewage treatment plant, whether in a domestic or a commercial setting.

A sewage treatment plant is one of the most environmentally friendly kind of drainage system, but only if it is working well. If it breaks down it can cause unpleasant and dangerous pollution to your property and the local area. Pollution can even end up getting into local watercourses.

Treatment plants have several different moving parts which should all be checked on a regular basis to ensure they are working correctly. As part of a service it is also important to check the contents of the plant to ensure the right level of treatment is being achieved.

Whatever the size of your treatment plant, Active Pump Services can help you to keep it working smoothly.

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