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In-House Pump Repairs

In-House Pump Repairs

Here at Active Pump Services, we are leaders in the field and take pride in our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Whether you’re looking to have your cesspit or grease trap expertly emptied or your pump station meticulously cleaned, we can help. Our extensive experience allows us to seamlessly address tankering requirements across domestic, commercial, and industrial settings.
Skilled and Professional Team
Active pump services provide an in house pump repair service that is designed to identify issues that may occur within your pump systems, this service can act as a solution for many different components that may need replacing within the pump itself and can potently prevent the need for purchasing a new pump.
Within our dedicated repair facility our skilled in house engineers will be able to access the problem and if the pump can be fixed they have the expertise and resources to ensure the reliability and efficiency of your repaired pump.
Pumps that can potentially be repaired by our in house pump repair specialist
multistage KSB pump
Pumping solutions
Before and after of a multistage KSB pump stripped cleaned and new bearings and mechanical seal installed. It has then been painted to look beautiful.