Septic Tanks

Septic tank installation & maintenance

For all of your septic tank requirements contact Active Pump Services.

We have been established for over twenty years and have over fifty years’ combined experience, and we will be happy to help with all of your septic tank needs, whether in a commercial or domestic setting.

Septic tanks: the basics

Septic tanks make use of natural biological processes to break down waste matter.

A septic tank can be made from concrete, plastic or fibreglass.

There are two main types of septic tank; one is a holding tank and the other has a soakaway attached.

A septic tank allows waste to separate into three layers: solids, effluent and crust. The solid matter falls to the bottom of the tank, where it is decomposed by bacteria. This leaves the effluent and a crust which floats on top.

Both the effluent and the crust need to be removed from the tank on a regular basis using specialist equipment.

A septic tank with a soakaway allows the liquid to soak out, leaving only solids. This type of tank only needs to be emptied once the solids are at a high level.

Septic tank emptying

There are strict government guidelines surrounding septic tanks so it is important to call in the professionals for this sort of thing.

Here at Active Pump Services we can provide a full sewage tankering service for you. We have our own dedicated tanker for emptying septic tanks, and will make sure everything is done quickly and seamlessly for you.


We have been working with septic tanks across the south east of England for many years now, and we have many happy customer who return to us for all of their needs.

We can carry out regular maintenance and repairs, as well as replacing your septic tank if needed. Working on septic tanks is something that is definitely best left to the professionals.

For all of your septic tank needs across the south east of England, get in touch with Active Pump Services.



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