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Sump Pumps

What are Sump Pumps?

Sump Pumps are simple by design but hugely effective in keeping basement properties dry. It is common for water to accumulate in water collecting sump basins and this can be disastrous if that happens to be the basement of your home or business. It can result in water from heavy rain entering your property if your basement is below the water table level, or even worse if the perimeter drains, funnel directly into the basin.

This can render your basement unusable and cost a lot to rectify so it is best to tackle the problem head on. With property prices so high, space is at a premium so an unusable basement is not an option. Flooding and dampness can also take over your whole house so it should not be taken lightly. Even if your basement does not actually flood, the moisture in the basement can lead to mold and potential health problems for you and your family so installing a Sump pump is a smart decision.

Sump pumps were devised to eliminate moisture and prevent flooding by removing ground water that has built up under your house, and send the water away from the foundations of your property. This solves the potential problem of basement flooding or dampness. The pump is not a huge piece of machinery, it can mostly go unnoticed in the corner of your room all the while doing an amazing job of keeping your home dry.

It has an automated flotation system with a switch that is activated by the water level, so when water reaches a certain level the pump kicks into action. The Sump pump ensures the excess water will be channelled to a storm drain or dry well and is no longer an issue for you.


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Sump Pump Services

Sump Pump Services

Installation – We offer a varied range of pump services for both domestic and commercial requirements and can advise you on the right pump for your requirements, supply and install the pump. Installation is a job for the experts and the team at Active Pumps are all highly trained technicians, bringing a wealth of expertise and experience to ensure the pump is fitted correctly, sending the excess water away from the foundations and keeping your home protected and dry.

You can relax in the knowledge that we are specialists in this field, so your home is in safe hands. We work to the highest industry standards and always put a huge emphasis on ensuring customer satisfaction.

Maintenance – As with any piece of equipment that has such an important job to do, pumps require regular maintenance and servicing. We recommend to all our clients that this be done on an annual basis for optimum efficiency.

Active Pumps can check and service the installation to enable your pump to keep on working efficiently for you in the long term, so that no matter what the weather you have peace of mind that your home will stay damp free. Whether we have installed the Sump pump ourselves or it has been installed by a third party, we are always happy to service any pumps so contact one of our team for a quotation.

Sump Pumps Services

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