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In the vast majority of properties, a sewage pump is a necessary component for getting rid of waste. They channel it away from your home and to another system or septic tank that can then process it. As they see daily usage in most cases they are built to last and have undergone rigorous testing to make sure they are tough enough for long term use. As with other types of motorised drainage equipment, the pump element is key is moving water from one situation to another where it might otherwise prove a challenge.

A common application for this device is bathrooms situated in the basement, or at least below the existing sewage line entrance. Gravity is working against it in this scenario, so installation of this kit will use a pipe to complete the job of taking liquid uphill. With a combination of engineering and pressure they employ powerful force to dispose of waste water and debris. From the small scale system in the home, the pipes eventually connect to a public sewer which will be maintained by the local council in most cases.

We can provide sewer solutions for your home and help unravel the technical jargon that can make these choices seem initially bewildering. There are a few different types of sewage pumps and which is best for your individual requirements depends on the problem at hand. You may have heard of sump pumps being used within a home building project, but be aware these are for surface water and leaks in basements rather than dealing with septic material and waste disposal.

A grinder pump disposes of foul water and solids from domestic appliances by forcing it to pass through a holding tank. Once filled to a set amount the equipment starts working and uses a cutting mechanism to turn waste into a finer mixture that can then be sent to the public sewers as usual. An ejection pump must have a working switch, as it floats within the main tank in order to tell when the required level is reached. To prevent flow-back, a check valve is an important part of the piping and should also be kept unclogged and the correct size. Depending on the volume being dealt with and the positioning of the machine, a variety of voltages and sizes can be chosen from. Generally speaking installing this does not restrict what can be disposed of through the household drainage, but common sense must still play a part as even this kind of system has reasonable limitations.

Giving you an overview of these variations can demystify the market but we are always on hand to offer impartial advice based on experience. Where the wrong type of process has been employed in the past, whether through a previous contractor or insufficient advice, we can repair and remove whatever is causing the problem. Over time corrosion can sometimes occur so we make sure that all elements are checked before undertaking any major repair or changes. We aim for a long life span to decrease maintenance and replacement costs for every home-owner.


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