CCTV Drain Surveys

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CCTV Drain Surveys

One of the great tools used by Active Pumps is the CCTV drain survey equipment, used for pipeline video inspections. This innovative modern technology allows the user to see right inside pipes and drains to assess their condition. A specially designed device is lowered in using a reinforced winch on a mechanised reel. This strong connection ensures the device comes back up as smoothly as it goes down. Small LED’s are fitted to the head of a camera so you get a fully-lit, live view of the area below ground. Commonly known as a video pig, it is cylindrical in shape to fit through narrow gaps with ease. Tight tubes are normally the very reason this equipment is required, as it’s not always clear what might be causing a problem.

Homes use lots of small pipes to connect them to the sewage system and these sometimes get blocked. They might stop giving out the normal pressure, or you might see water bills rising even though you’re not using any extra water around the house. In both cases, a disruption to this delicate network might well be the reason. Prior to this technology the only real option was to dig up the ground to gain direct access and physically inspect the problem area. This could mean days of work, not to mention the mess and expense involved in taking up surface material. Although in extreme cases this kind of heavy-duty work is still required today, for domestic situations CCTV drain surveys eliminate the need with their much simpler solution.

Often our engineers need to discover what’s causing a change in your household or business water flow. If we’ve tried and tested all the connections and outlets above ground, our next port of call is further down the line. Getting a clear, close-up look at what lies under your property is often the quickest and least expensive way to identify the culprit. More often than not, nature has worked it’s way in and disrupted the smooth line of the pipe. Traditionally they are made from metal or clay parts that slot together using overlapping joints. Unfortunately this technique leaves them open to attack from stray roots, which can grow between the gaps and force it wider. As you can imagine this means your water has a new place to travel but not in the direction you were hoping.

Both individuals and businesses could encounter the need for pipeline inspection. All buildings involve drainage in one way or another, to channel water away from where it’s not wanted. If you’ve got a builder creating an extension, you can use this precise camera operation to check the state of the existing drain you’ll be adding to. You might be enduring an unpleasant odour rising from the plughole and want to get to the bottom of what’s causing it. Our commercial and domestic customers can book in a survey with us to benefit from an expert opinion coupled with factual footage. All the information is viewed live as well as recorded, so no detail is missed.

CCTV Drain Surveys

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CCTV Drain Surveys

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