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All sorts of things can affect the way your septic tank works. We don’t expect you to be an expert in all the processes it undertakes, but it helps to know a little about what’s going on beneath the surface. Our expertise has lead us to the root of almost every difficulty with effluence removal that you can imagine. Although that can sometimes be highly unpleasant, our wide experience and problem solving repertoire makes us great at helping other experiencing similar difficulties.

Classifying the type of system you have can be the first stumbling block. They go by plenty of names, from septic pump to cesspit system but with a few common elements they can all be addressed by our professional engineers. What we are talking about is essentially a vessel underground, that collects sewage and gives it space to decay before being drained away.

The components involved are engineered to ensure each process is sanitary, safe and effective. As a home or business owner you want the waste you produce out of sight and dealt with in accordance with local law. A working pump creates a happy owner in our experience, and with such undesirable consequences when things do go wrong, we try to keep it that way.

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Septic Tanks

Beyond the essential tank, some set ups include an extra one for the pump to move effluence to where it’s needed. A water level alarm or monitor checks for overflowing and knows when it requires emptying. Sometimes that might need to be done manually – just one of the services we can undertake. Alternatively you may have a built-in facility for sending liquid waste to the drainfield or soakaway. With so many parts, you can appreciate how there is room for error. Components can fail, be subject to extreme weather conditions or encounter blockages.

Our customers tend to require help during periods of heavy rain, which can cause the tank to overflow. The nasty result of this will be effluence soiling the land above ground, filling up ditches or even causing mayhem in your pipes. If you notice unpleasant odours or see sodden ground around the surface of the tank, give us a call so we can assess the situation. Our equipment is quick and effective at reducing the water level during periods of flash flooding. Our location near London means we help customers in West and East Sussex in emergency situations. That said, scheduling in ongoing and regular maintenance is the best way to insure against these sudden calamities.

Our complete septic tank pump service and installation options provide you with everything you could need when it comes to sewage pumps. If you’re spending too much time searching for septic pumps for sale or a cheap unit to replace your existing effluent pump, then speak to us first for a competitive quote. Our aim is to help clients achieve the right set up for their individual needs and our vast knowledge makes us the best people to offer you advice.

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