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We welcome clients from all manner of fields – be it industrial drainage, chemical plants, sewage processing or general liquid cooling

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Sewage Pump Repairs
We one way or another we are all familiar with sewage, but how it is removed from our homes can be a bit of a mystery. Solids and liquids need to be transported away from the source and treated, which is where modern pumps come in. Waste material of all kinds is funnelled from A to B using either gravity, a pumping action, or a combination of both. Given the collection tanks are often situated underground or outside it usually requires a specialist to correct any problems when things go wrong. Clogging is a common issue and results in the modest domestic mechanism not being able to cope. Investigation by our experts allow the pipes to be cleared and regain a free flowing line. As a sewage pump works by being fully submerged at the bottom of the basin, we use purpose-made equipment to reach the components. It has an inlet as far down as possible to maximise intake so when it fails our team come in really handy.

Commercial Water Pump Repairs
Water pumps have a more demanding job due to the size of the business they are supplying and the volume of liquid required to be dealt with. A flow rate and resistance level to match your needs and are both key considerations so if it’s workload changes it might not work as you’d hoped. Isolating valves make sure your material is directed to the right place and are essential for maintenance work, so if these fail our team can repair the problem or install a replacement where required. For modifications and lagging we cater for all sizes of pipes and can supply various, high quality brands to suit your needs. We welcome clients from all manner of fields – be it industrial drainage, chemical plants, sewage processing or general liquid cooling.

Booster Pump Repairs
Booster pumps can be used both at home and in the workplace as they normalise water pressure where it might otherwise be highly variable. So, rather than getting a spray of highly pressurised tap water one day and a measly dribble the next, you can expect consistent flow through our proper water management. A simple closed loop creates this effect, but over time this can involve increased demand on the joints connecting the pipework. As part of our service we can check the route of the water to ensure we locate the problem before suggesting a solution.

Borehole Pump Repairs
Borehole pumps encounter their own set of problems despite their relative simplicity. They work by drilling a hole straight down to an underground water source at the appropriate geological layer, where casing is then inserted. Inlets at this level bring water in, but appropriate sealants are used to make them water-tight and not allow in pollutants. A fixed spigot (or tap) then enables the water to be pumped up to ground level. Whether you have a submersible or multi-stage model, we can attend to an extensive range of problems such as filter wear, broken valves or lime scale and debris build up.

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