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With our business so close by we’re in no doubt as to why people flock to Portsmouth. For both homeowners and tourists it’s waterfront attractions lie in the remarkable naval history and mix of both modern and historical buildings. This popularity makes it no surprise that it has become the most densely populated UK city outside London. As a place built mainly on the island of Portsea, it is unique in being an island city. This isolation from the mainland brings it’s own set of engineering requirements and drainage isn’t always straight forward. Our continuing work with clients here makes us well-positioned to help service those homes and businesses in need of a little help with their sewage.

Active Pumps are based less than an hour away along the coast, assisting those who tackle anything from a blocked pump to a new treatment plant installation. With fifty years of experience within our dedicated team, we are proud to be experts on the subject of personal and business drains and pumps. We are renowned for our helpful 7 day emergency breakdown service, which means that at any point an experienced engineer can be on their way out to you to fix your dilemma. For planned work, our in-depth knowledge of the systems available makes us the best people to ask for advice. We work with reputable, branded and high quality products that we trust and feel confident installing. Recent, strategic rainwater diversion by the local water authority has put Portsmouth in a healthy position when it comes to drainage. The Victorian sewer network had reached it’s limits and the new pumping stations set up below ground means sewers have far less pressure on them. Our awareness of local changes enables us to talk you through the best options for your needs. We work with existing networks to get water, waste and debris away from your investment and to where it needs to be. Even with these modern improvements, problems can sometimes arise and our rapid response makes us the ideal people to have on speed-dial.

The wide range of services we provide saves you time phoning around different businesses when your requirements change. Those in the industrial sector will find our CCTV drain inspection perfect for checking out blockages that might be slowing down your production rate. With properly equipped, trained individuals in our team we can confidentially tackle difficult angles and all kinds of access issues. When it comes to pumps we know our stuff, covering everything from borehole to booster, sewage to septic. We have access to all the necessary equipment and machinery to drain, test, build and remove systems whether above or below ground. Using the latest in high tech tools means you can be sure we are giving you the most effective and efficient solution. For those on the seaside, water can be both a help and and a hindrance but our dedicated workforce is on hand to deal with any commercial and domestic liquid movement in Portsmouth.

Specialist Services:

Booster Pumps – A booster pump is an essential device for the movement of water, sewerage and slurry by increasing the pressure. Whether you need your booster pump corrected, repaired or replaced we can help.

Borehole pumps & Well Pumps – These are the primary mechanism for extracting water from beneath the earth’s surface and can be heavily relied on in industries such as farming, leisure and factory environments. There are several types of pumps and we can advise you on the most efficient, to fulfil for your requirements.

CCTV inspection and drain clearing – This innovative technology allows us to see right inside your drains and pipes and asses the fault. This can often eradicate the need for digging down to pipes, which is a huge inconvenience and causes a large amount of mess to your property or business.

High pressure water jetting – This is one of the fastest ways of cleaning drains and pipes, it is also one of the most efficient as the high pressure water can negotiate bends and travel further down a pipe.

Pump Repairs and installation – We can help with advise on the best pump for your requirements, then fully install it or repair an existing pump.

Sewage pump station maintenance – We check existing frameworks for functionality and quality, to ensure efficient performance, saving time and money in the future. We can drain, filter and replace oil where required, renew the surface for best flow, address defunct power cables and remove dirt and grime.

Sewage treatment plants – Whether domestic or commercial, there is a legal requirement in most cases to empty the sewage tank annually to remove waste materials safely. Our qualified team can do this for you and keep your log book up to date as required under the Water Resources Act 1991.

Septic tanks – We can help with all aspects of septic tank repair and maintenace. This includes emptying, repairing, help after periods of bad weather have caused problems or installing a septic tank pump.

Emergency pump repairs – We offer a 7-day emergency pump repair service where we will come to you as quickly possible and investigate, diagnose and repair any issues.


Pumps Portsmouth

Pump Services Portsmouth

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