Installation, Removal and Replacement of Borehole Pumps is Our Speciality

For domestic and commercial clients, professional borehole pump maintenance can make a real difference.

Borehole Pumps

Borehole pumps serve as a primary way to get water up from beneath the earth’s surface. They are a reliable mechanism for tapping into the vast resource that runs below ground, ensuring it gets to where it’s needed by those above. Access to the surface run off that flows underground can be essential for commercial facilities and we are here to help keep them up and running. We now have the technology that has moved us far beyond hand-hauled buckets and enables a motorised pump to lift liquid from great depths. From there the options vary depending on your intended usage, but we can work with you to advise on the best plan of action.

For those with a hole drilled we can do all the necessary installation, properly casing the pump to prevent leaks on the way up. Even if you have a pre-existing system we can iron out any problems or undertake repairs that might become necessary during it’s life cycle. Through this deep and narrow well the resource can be easily reached using our specialist equipment and fully trained staff. Creating a vertical structure requires a trained eye and we make sure that the water that drains through cracks in the rock is successfully captured for your own use without contamination. Our experts will gather the necessary information before beginning any digging work, considering the local water table and how quickly you are going to need the water to travel. Domestic applications might include swimming pools and fountains, so we appreciate the need to keep the disruption caused to a minimum. Planning a new installation can be a daunting prospect, but we can lead both individuals and businesses through the process so we’re all on the same page and clear about what needs to be done.

In an industrial setting, we have seen pumps required for drainage, farming, leisure and factory environments among others. It is sometimes the case that previous work has either not met the clients needs or alternatively fallen into disrepair through poor or infrequent maintenance. Together, we can work to rectify past problems and instil a good working practice to get the most out of your new equipment. We use high quality materials that are durable and widely recommended, giving lasting reliability even in situations of heavy and regular usage. We can use original parts from the manufacturer that are performance tested, and with our range of servicing options we will detect symptoms that might otherwise cause issues going forward.

There are several types of borehole pump we can employ depending on your needs and we will always endeavour to find the right fit for you to get the best possible result. We can suggest options you might not have been aware of and provide the water you require through a safe and appropriate method. At the other end of the scale we can efficiently remove them too, leaving your land in good condition and diverting the flow of water where it has been altered.


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