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For getting water to where it’s needed you may well require a booster pump. Common within the sewage and drainage industry as an essential device for the movement of liquid, booster pumps work to increase pressure to ensure good speed and direction. Sanitary uses include bathroom fittings, kitchen and swimming pools but there is a continuing need for this in a large range of construction and building projects.
For all manner of water management processes booster pumps can bring a real improvement. A multi stage option is usually installed where the water supply point meets the building itself. Alternatively a single stage pump can be fitted at the end, which has the added benefit of minimising interruption to any other conjoining pipes. In a domestic setting, the age old disappointment of low water pressure coming from household taps is a common complaint. This can be due to the city supply, or even a particularly tall building losing the fight against gravity when it comes to pumping water upstairs. Rural residential buildings tend to suffer particularly in this field, where the property has been built high above the pre-existing level of water supply. Nowadays this can frequently be relieved with installation of this expert device. Water Regulations stipulate that a pump can be used with the mains given that a system has been provided to keep the litre per minute rate under 12.
You may have the issue of an existing booster pump system that is not maintaining enough pressure to be effective or perhaps produces a variable result. With our expertise we can correct / repair these problems by using a pumping chamber to get the balance right and move the water successfully. For those needing our services for industrial purposes, we recognise that it’s not always water that poses the problem. Waste water, sewage, slurry and abrasive materials can often require the same service and we can plan and install the right method for each situation.
Difficult scenarios might include a range of angles or underground pipework, and our team are trained to design the necessary frames, mounts and assembly to suit your needs. Where necessary a compact form can be supplied for this purpose, with a gauge to display the levels being maintained. Ordinarily you can expect the control switch to perform within a typical range of 30 to 50 psi. This kind of equipment is a specialist product and we make sure that our advisors are giving you informed, reliable advice. We always work in line with plumbing regulations using approved, safe parts to create a lasting set up.
It can be confusing beginning the search for a company who can meet your needs for booster pumps in this area. However, whether you are looking for a pneumatic or hydraulic system, solar pump or voltage powered, single or multi stage pump, we are here to offer friendly advice about the best solution for each individual customer. We have a comprehensive range to ensure a consistent, direct flow to keep your project running, whatever the size.

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